she’s cheer captain

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taylorswift this is Taylor and we love you so much okay bye

taylorswift TAYLOR.

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Title: Taylor Swift
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Taylor Swift interview with Sweedish Radio Station (Taylor comes in at 1:30)

Taylor’s interview with Swedish NRJ’s morning show, Vakna.

They introduce her by explaining that Taylor is of Swedish heritage, waayy back, and Carolin showed her an article about it when she met Taylor in London. Taylor didn’t know, she got excited and asked to keep the article. The article contained a picture of Taylor with a traditional Swedish hat, apparently (no word if that was a photoshop or a real picture).

They talk about Carolins Instagram picture with Taylor, and the other hosts point out Taylor looked like a transsexual or a wax figure from Madame Tussauds in the picture. Caroline specifies she did not look like any of that in real life, the camera made it look like that. She then says that in real life Taylor is very petite and sweet and almost like a little baby bird :)

*Actual interview*

The rest is just a summary of the interview.

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I keep telling him to use the all caps button sparingly but he simply will not listen.

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taylorswift This is Sarah. She is 5 years old. She’s my baby sister. She loves you so much. 

taylorswift he kneeled to the ground and pulled out a ring! 

taylorswift child Swiftie right here

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taylorswift this is Sarah. She’s my baby sister. She’s five years old and knows all of the words to your songs. Every night before bed we have song time, where we sing And dance to your music and she learns the lyrics to ones she doesn’t know! It’s my favourite thing.

taylorswift check this outttttt

taylorswift it’s important you see this!

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taylorswift [Via: Buzzfeed]

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taylorswift and Karlie Kloss out for lunch in Beverley Hills

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Taylor Swift Grabs Lunch with Karlie Kloss After Meghan Trainor Covers ‘Shake It Off” (x)

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Oh hi taylorswift, this is an article about us! 

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